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How to reduce the cost of cooling workshop? Siboly air cooler to tell you

How to reduce the cost of cooling workshop? Siboly air cooler to tell you

02 Dec 2020

every hot summer in the year, people fell upset of the high temperature climate, in the workshop because of the employees and machine the felling of upset would be much more serious, if there are measures to improve it, the employee's work efficiency will be influenced, and the product quality, in turn, affect the enterprise's benefit, Therefore, cooling the workshop is something that all companies must do. it requires good results and the cost is also something that must be considered. , then how to cool down the workshop at low cost?

first of all, we must know the main cooling costs of the workshop then to make choices. Generally, the following points should be considered:

1. The initial investment cost mainly includes cooling equipment + labor + freight + tax, etc.

2.The operating cost , such as water, electricity, etc. The equipment service time, which is very important.

3. The maintenance cost in the later period is mainly repair, cleaning, maintenance, replacement of accessories, supplement of consumables, etc.

low cost cooling in workshop

f ujian Siboly air cooler technology Co., ltd. recommends that major companies use Siboly environmental protection evaporative air coolers . its investment cost is only 1/5 of that of central air conditioners. 1 hour of electricity can be used to cool 150 square meters, and the power consumption only needs central air conditioners. 1/10. it integrates functions such as ventilation, cooling, air exchange, dust removal, increasing humidity and air oxygen content, etc. it can very effectively improve the environment of the factory workshop, and the temperature range can reach 4-15 degrees. Siboly environmental air conditionersupport 3years warranty. During the warranty period, any non-human failures are completely free of warranty and replacement parts. For maintenance, you only need to clean the filter and the bottom basin regularly. there is basically no maintenance cost, the economy price support the customers make sure companies have a smart cooling solution in hot summer.

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