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matters needing attention in the use of Siboly air cooler

matters needing attention in the use of Siboly air cooler

16 Nov 2020

How to operate Siboly air cooler ?

What are the matters needing attention when operating Siboly air cooling fan ?

Let's take a look!

as a kind of non-compressor and environmental protection product, Siboly cooling fan use the cooling principle of evaporative cooling air and water, and can exchange air by convection with outdoor air to keep the indoor air fresh.

in the southern region, Siboly cooling fan generally has an obvious cooling effect of about 7℃;

in the northern region, the cooling effect of about 13℃ can be achieved.

The cooling effect of Siboly cooling fan is very obvious.

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is the volume of air change of Siboly cooling fan the bigger the better?

The answer is no, because the working environment of each Siboly cooling fan is not the same, the amount of air exchange required by different working environment is not the same, so the corresponding amount of air exchange should be made according to different environment.

in places without heating equipment, the flow of people is very small, and the air exchange volume in such places is generally 25-35 times /h. If the air exchange volume is too large, it will cause waste, such as offices and small conference rooms.

If it is a place without heating equipment but with a dense crowd, the ventilation frequency required for such a place is 30-40 times /h, such as shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

If it is a workshop with heating equipment, then the air exchange volume of this place is 50-60 times /h.

compared with the traditional air conditioning system, the investment of Siboly cooling fan is less, and the equipment will not take up too much space, the installation of equipment is simple and convenient. The power consumption of Siboly cooling fan in operation is very small, so the use cost is relatively low. Siboly cooling fan in the use of the process of noise is relatively small, in the cooling at the same time can imperceptibly to bring us fresh air. These advantages of the air cooler is the traditional air-conditioning can not be compared, so a lot of workshops choose Siboly air cooler as cooling equipment.

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