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What are the advantages of Siboly industrial ventilation and cooling equipment

What are the advantages of Siboly industrial ventilation and cooling equipment

11 Dec 2020

It is inevitable for factories to use mechanical ventilation and cooling equipment to improve the working environment. If you want to do a good job in industrial ventilation and cooling, choosing cooling equipment is a key step, and environmentally friendly air conditioning and cooling equipment has become the preferred equipment for industrial ventilation and cooling today. Investment Low cost and high rate of return. Save energy, environmental protection and power saving.

The environmental protection air conditioner filters the outdoor air. The outdoor air absorbs the sensible heat in the air after being fully contacted by the evaporative wet curtain air and water, so as to achieve the effects of cooling, ventilation, ventilation, dust removal, and improving air quality. It is especially suitable for use Workplaces with ventilating and cooling of industrial plants and workshops, high temperature and stuffiness, and densely populated workplaces.

Industrial Pioneer Air Cooler

Environmentally friendly air conditioner industrial ventilation and cooling equipment body adopts high temperature resistant and anti-leakage shell material, which has a long service life. Air convection and exhaust heat dissipation will reduce the burden of air conditioning when it is turned on. While purifying the air, it can also discharge muddy air through opening doors and windows to maintain The working environment is cool and well ventilated. Environmentally friendly air conditioners also have many advantages such as low cost, low noise, simple and fast installation and operation. The cost is only half of the traditional air conditioner, and the operating cost is lower. A single unit only needs 1 kWh of electricity for 1 hour, which is very energy-saving. It can be installed and used in places with ventilation and cooling requirements, such as factories, warehouses, farms, e-commerce warehouses, etc.

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