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How to clean the cooling pad of the household Siboly cooling fan

How to clean the cooling pad of the household Siboly cooling fan

02 Dec 2020

every year , when weather getting warmer and warmer, we realize that the hot summer is coming. its time to take out your coolers or purchase a new one, before you running the coolers which has settled in your utility room for a whole year, you’d better clean it first, especially the cooling pads.

check whether the placing method of the cooling pads of the domestic Siboly cooling fanis correct, and how to maintain the cooling pads?

remove scale and algae from the surface of the household Siboly cooling fan cooling pads. after thoroughly drying the pads, brush the household cooler up and down with a soft brush to avoid a horizontal brush.(You can brush part of it first to see if the wet curtain can stand the brush.) then just turn on the water supply and flush the surface of the wet curtain for scale and algae.(Avoid using steam or high-pressure water to flush wet curtains)

pest control seasons when cooling pads are not used, it can be installed with anti-rat net or sprayed on the lower part of wet curtain.Daily maintenance turn off the fan after the water pump stops for 30 minutes to ensure that the air cooler pads of the domestic cooling fan is thoroughly dried once a day.After the system stops running, check whether the water in the sink is drained to avoid long-term immersion in the water at the bottom of the wet curtain

check whether the water pipe of water pump and water distributing device of domestic cooling fan are damaged or leak.

does the siboly cooling fan machine blow water at maximum gear?If so, correct the practice.The correct method is to turn on the small gear for refrigeration, and wait for refrigeration for one minute before turning to the high grade (because the water from the cloth water device should be slowly melted into the wet curtain when the first refrigeration, when the wet curtain becomes less absorbent, it will produce the remaining water, and when the fan runs too fast, it will be easy to suck the water into the pipe and blow it out).

cooling pad Feature:When fresh air passes through core part honey comb cooling pad, the water drops on pad cools the temperature, which will be close to the wet-bulb temperature. the features are decent water absorbility and ventilation, filter function, the realistic cooling area is a hundred times more than the surface, solid, endurable against soaking, corroding, the life can last 6 years.

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